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Getting professional, comprehensive advice is an absolute necessity when it comes to choosing computer. We are always ready to offer you the best price.

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Free Consultation:

some shops charge just to look at a computer and not fix the problem. Rest assured that you will never be charged if your computer problem is not fixed or a solution to your problem is not found.

Windows installation
We can reinstall the windows OS using your disk and product key and configure the computer to factory settings with free programs for a fee of 75.00. If customer does not have the license and or product key we can provide a new license and product Key for Windows 10 Home for a fee of 120.00 or with Windows 10 Professional for a fee of 150.00.

Other services:

Flat Rate as indicated below. File Backup: 30.00 for first 4GB, 10.00 for each additional 4GB backups. Cost of backup device separate. (Price of Flash drives: 8GB 10.00, 16GB 15.00, and 32GB 25.00). Tune-Up Basic: 60.00 (Ten Point tune-up): Reduce resident programs (startup procedures), Clean out inside of computer, remove junk files, fix windows errors, clean up Microsoft register files, and perform extensive defragmentation of hard drive. Tune-Up (The Works): 150.00 19-Point tune-up includes basic tune-up plus 7+ hours of tests and services performed on your hard drive and other hardware items to correct a variety of issues. Also includes testing and removal of viruses and malware issues. Virus and Malware Removal w/o tune-up: 75.00. Wipe hard drive clean to its bear bone using the DOD standard. 30.00 Customer receives a report/certification. File Recovery – 90.00. Microsoft Login Password Recovery: 30.00.

The Repair Process

Before each repair you will receive a price list of repairs options. Some are set prices and others are performed on an hourly basis. After you have chosen the option you want then we make you aware of the cost involve according to the price list or the amount of time involved if performed hourly. We will call before the work is performed if the cost is different than the estimated price provided at time of dropping off the computer. If you choose not to perform the work there will be no charge for the analysis provided.


We are proud that you chose us for your computer repairs needs. We guarantee our work and within 30 days if you have same problem we will fix it or adjust the price toward the repairs of a non-related issued.

Customer Privacy:

We have a very strict policy set in place to protect your privacy and your personal data.

10 Point Computer TUNE-UP

Why get stressed out over your slow computer with pop ups spyware virus and shut downs while spending hours trying to fix it yourself. Bring it to WTR Computer Sales for a good overhaul and tune up.

  • Check all Computer hardware, including batteries.
  • Remove unwanted files.
  • Scan windows registry files for issues and correct.
  • Remove startup programs running in the background. 5. Remove out of date Anti-virus programs.
  • Remove out of date & unwanted utility programs.
  • Check for Viruses, spywares, & malwares.
  • Remove dust build up inside Desktop computers.
  • Run Windows Defragmenter.
  • Run Windows Update.

Basic Tune up Price …$60.00……….. Advanced……………$150.00

Virus and malware removal Price…$75.00....Severe……$150.00

Install and configure antivirus software………………………$30.00

Available Tune-Up, Antivirus, & Malware software.

• CCleaner Professional software (Retail package with Disk) ...……........................... $34.95

• Avira Antivirus Professional (download) for one user ……………………………….......……….. $45.00

• Avira internet security one user, 3 devices (downloaded)……………………..……………………$75.00

Advanced Tune up

1. Includes 10 Point basic tune up.

2. Delete Commercial anti-virus software and install Microsoft Defender.

3. Change Power settings to High Performance.

4. Set Processor priority settings to low for un-necessary programs.

5. Update video drivers.

6. Delete Internet Explorer and install either Firefox or Chrome Browser.

7. Clear un-wanted Browser extensions.

8. Make sure all windows updates are current and set to run automatically.

9. Install Ad Blocker.

10. Install & configure software that lets you know what web sites to Trust or which one’s not to Trust.

11. Save documents, pictures, favorites, videos, and other files to a USB Flash Drive, (cost of usb drive extra).

12. Make a recovery Disk on a DVD or USB Media. Add cost of USB Drive.

13. Make a Backup and set to run automatically. Add cost of external harddrive.

14. Other features as necessary to provide a faster computer.

Maintenance Tips and Free Software.

1. Avast! Free


This version has new features and a great look, along with a boot-scan that strikes at malware.

Maintenance Tips and Free Software.

2. Avira Free Antivirus

Lacking little from the premium version (save Web protection and live support), Avira’s free version also gets good scores from PCMag and independent labs for malware removal.

3. LibreOffice

Windows | Mac | Linux

Our reviewer calls LibreOffice “by far the best free office application suite” and says it should be the first choice for anyone that wants a free alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s another offshoot from, but it already has more features and an improved interface. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentations, and apps for math and drawing.

4. TeamViewer

Windows | Mac | Mobile | Portable | Mobile

Still our Editors’ Choice for remote control, TeamViewer 7 offers a brain-dead simple setup and a remarkably fast screen redraw when controlling another desktop, whether from a PC or Android and iOS devices. For free, you get access to a single system, which is perfect for providing tech support to family and friends.

5. Cute PDF Reader

Convert to professional quality PDF files from almost any printable document. Free for personal, commercial, government or educational use. No watermarks. No popup Web ads. Now supports 64-bit Windows.

6. Advanced SystemCare Free


In a clean and simple-to-follow interface, Advanced SystemCare 5 will do a quick malware scan; optimize the registry; get rid of junk and temp files; and then do a “Deep Care,” which is like the regular care but, well, deeper. It has a new “ActiveBoot” to keep you optimized at all times. And it’s ready for Windows 8.

7. VLC media player

Windows | Mac | Linux | Portable | Mobile

Some video players need codecs installed to playback all your video files. VLC doesn’t; it’ll play just about every file type imagined, plus DVDs and streaming media. The new version 2.0 is out with major updates, including experimental Blu-ray support.

8. 7-Zip

Windows | Portable

7-Zip has quickly become the de facto leader when it comes to getting a free tool to pack and unpack compressed archives. It supports packing 7z, TAR, ZIP and other formats, and about four times as many for decompression. Throw in some AES-256 encryption and it’s a great security tool, too.

9. Dropbox

Windows | Mac | Linux | Web | Mobile

Dropbox provides the brain-dead simplicity to backup/sync we all crave. Put all your files in the Dropbox folder, and all files are synced to the Web and all other computers with the same account, plus they can be accessed on almost all mobile devices.

10. Google Chrome

Windows | Mac | Linux | Portable

What’s not to like about Google Chrome? The latest version is the fastest browser out there, and it also features great security, extensions and Web apps, tab implementation and isolation, great HTML5 support, and even built-in support for PDFs and Flash (because they’re still important). No wonder it’s still our Editors’ Choice for browsers.

11. Firefox

Windows | Mac | Linux | Mobile | Portable

Mozilla’s browser only slightly trails behind the competition from Google. It still has the best collection of extensions of any browser, plus strong hardware acceleration, JavaScript performance, and support for standards. It holds its own against any competition and should be a must-have in any browsing arsenal.

12. Fences


You can put a lot of icons on a desktop until it’s totally out of control, or use Fences to provide corrals for icons that should be grouped.

13. Google Picasa

Windows | Web

There’s arguably no better way to organize your images (and videos) than the great interface of Picasa. The Web Albums also makes it easy to share images online, and the latest version integrates Google+ features for extended sharing. It’s a PCMag Editors’ Choice for entry-level photo editing

A computer virus is a malicious application that self-replicates and then sends itself to other computers. It can be through email, on a webpage, or from a USB device. We recommend three antivirus applications that will easily take care of you. All three applications do require an email address to register, but are completely free to use, after registration. Bitdefender gets out top mark for being easy to use, minimalistic, and does not nag you to upgrade to a paid version.

Malware is software that infects your computer and can cause several problems, such as slowdowns, browser pop-ups, ads, etc. Some malware even tries to trick you into thinking there is something wrong with your pc and asking you to pay for it to be "fixed", when the only thing wrong, is the malware itself. Most common malware is the browser hijacks that change your homepage from google or yahoo to conduit or ask, while displaying ads on every page. We recommend running out virus cleanup guide once a month to nail the malware.

Virus Removal Guide

Computers can get viruses just like humans. You might suspect that your computer may have become infected with a virus if it suddenly starts:

* Running slow.

* Desktop icons disappear.

* You’re directed to websites that are unfamiliar.

* Or if friends receive email from you that you have not sent.

Most of the time, viruses are not hard to remove. Follow our tech tips below and become a virus removal pro!

How to remove a virus like a pro:

1. For Windows 7, turn off your computer. While turning on your computer, quickly tap the F8 key twice. You should get a black and white menu. Select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and press ‘Enter’. If you cannot get this to work, just restart your computer normally without pressing the F8 key.

2. After your computer has finished starting up, go to the internet and download the following free virus removal programs at Place a checkmark next to: Malwarebytes and SUPER. Press the BIG green ‘Get Installer’ button at the bottom of the webpage. Press ‘Run’ to install.

3. Once the programs have been installed, open them both and perform a “Complete Scan.” This may take up to 1 - 2 hours depending how full your hard disk is. Once the scans are complete, review & remove any viruses they might find.

Now restart your computer.... you’re almost done. Once Windows has restarted, go to and click “download now”. Most computers use the 32-bit version of Hitman Pro.

Install the program (if you get an error message, download and install the 64-bit version of Hitman Pro instead.) Click “run” and Hitman Pro will open. Click “next” and when asked if you’d like to store a file of Hitman Pro, select the “one time use” choice. You will need to give your email address to activate the program.

When the scanning is complete, Remove viruses and restart your computer. Voila!